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Sessions and Fees



What happens in a session?
The first session involves a consultation as well as the energy session itself. The provider will ask a series of questions about the individual’s physical, mental, and emotional situation, and will answer any questions. Then the individual will lie fully clothed on a massage table while the provider gently places their hands slightly above or on the individual. The session generally lasts 40 to 60 minutes, and people frequently report feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful during and after the session. There is a cumulative effect of using Healing Touch over time and regular sessions are recommended.

Sessions may be extended to 90 minutes for those who wish to add a meditative practice to their healing experience such as Zen Garden, Mandala Art, Labyrinth Work, Guided Imagery, etc.

Completion of Advanced Directives for Health Care is available and takes approximately one hour.

FOCCUS Pre-Marital Awareness counseling sessions vary in length and number as determined by each couple’s inventory results.

Notary Services are available. Fees determined by number of signatures.  


Sessions are by appointment only. Please email me for information on setting a date and time for your appointment. terri@hearttwohandstherapy.com


One Hour:

90 Minutes:

Advanced Directive Completion and Notarization:
Notarization Fee determined by number of signatures

Pre-Marital Counseling:
Fees personalized by each couple.


Payment for services is expected for each session. Cash, Local Checks, or Credit Cards accepted.

Payment Options